International Seirenkai Organization
International Seminar

2016 International Seirenkai Organization Event Calendar
(US Based Dates Only)

Sat, March 19 - Extended Yudanshakai (Boston Area) 10am - 2:30pm (D. Cohen)

April 2-3 - 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge
A worldwide Budo event led from Okinawa, home of Kobudo & Karate
Register here: http://challengeokinawa.com/100katachallenges/

Sun, April 24 - 14th Annual CKJA Invitational Seminar & Cookout at Honbu Dojo

Sun, May 15 - Yudanshakai at Concord, MA

Sun, June 5 - Yudanshakai at Honbu

July 14-17 - 8th International Seminar in Andover, MA

Sun, Sept 18 - Yudanshakai at Honbu

Sun, Oct TBD - Yudanshakai in Concord, MA (Adult Brown Belts invited)

October TBD - 3rd Annual 100 Karate Kata Challenge from Okinawa (info coming)

Sun, Nov 6 - Extended Yudanshakai / Holiday Social at Honbu (Class: 10am - 2pm)

Nov. & Dec. - East Coast Dojo Kyu Promotional Testing in Karate & Jujitsu-
Rank Announcements at early 2017 awards banquet

Additional Regional Yudanshakai Classes, Special Invitational Classes, Demonstrations,
International Skype classes, and Seirenkai Events may be added throughout the year as
opportunities emerge.

Additional special trainings (e.g., Chicago, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) to be
announced as dates are solidified.

Finland Yudanshakai classes and Reunion clinics with Master Vesa Toropainen will occur
throughout the year during his travel to Finland from Singapore.