International Seirenkai Organization
Hiza Geri

Seirenkai Karate

Seirenkai Karate is a Japanese style of karate with significant Okinawan and Chinese influences. The primary purpose of the style is dynamic, powerful and effective self-defense. Seirenkai Karate training emphasizes:

A diverse array of Kata comprises the nucleus of this Karate style with a strong emphasis on Bunkai, or the analysis and application of the movements in each kata for self-defense. The primary lineage of Seirenkai Karate is the Kokondo system, founded by Shihan Paul Arel, the direct teacher of Seirenkai's founders for more than thirty years. Seirenkai also draws significantly on the techniques, kata and principles of the Japanese Karate styles of Shotokan and Kyokushin and the Okinawan style of GojuRyu. Seirenkai Karate is notable for its use of strong stances, a balanced and diverse range of upper and lower body techniques and a combination of linear and circular movement. Seirenkai emphasizes maximum power and kime (focus) in all facets of training, which can include contact at intermediate and senior levels based on mutual agreement of the practitioners and discretion of the sensei. The ISO does not emphasize or focus on competitive karate, though some of our younger members do compete successfully in safe tournaments for experience, learning and fun.